Carbon removal offsets

Net zero is hard.

The first thing companies need to do to on their path to net zero is to put in place an extensive emissions reduction program.

But there will likely still be residual emissions that are unavoidable, such as those from air travel, shipping, and heavy industry.



The best use of high-quality, DAC-sourced carbon removal credits is to offset these ‘last-mile’ emissions that would be otherwise extremely difficult to address.

The gold standard in carbon removal credits


We use a technology called direct air capture, or ‘DAC,’ to filter CO2 out of the atmosphere. We combine this process with permanent CO2 storage to generate carbon removal credits that are measureable, verifiable, and permanent.

CO₂ captured from air

Using zero emissions energy, our modular DAC machines employ solid sorbents in a TVSA process to efficiently filter CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Permanent CO2 storage

The CO2 our DAC systems capture is sequestered deep underground—permanently securing it from reentering the atmosphere.

Best-in-class carbon removal credit

The combination of DAC and permanent storage allows us to generate extremely high-quality, fully additional carbon removal credits.

Interested in purchasing
DAC carbon removal credits?

We’re currently building out our capture and storage sites in the United States, with the delivery of our first DAC carbon removal credits scheduled for mid 2023. Contact us if you are willing to be an early purchaser of DAC carbon removal credits in advance of our official launch later this year. 

DAC is rapidly being recognized as a critical tool for achieving net zero on a global scale.

Why? Because DAC-sourced carbon removal credits are measurable, verifiable, and permanent.
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