Decarbonize the atmosphere with direct air capture technology.

Engineered carbon removal for a net-zero future

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We create high-quality carbon removal credits by combining atmospheric carbon removal with permanent geological storage.

CO2 captured from air

Using zero emissions energy, our DAC machines employ solid sorbents in a cyclic process that efficiently filters CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Permanent CO2 storage

We store the captured CO2 in deep geological formations, permanently securing it from reentering the atmosphere.

High-quality carbon removal credits

The combination of DAC and permanent storage generates high-quality carbon removal credits.


The exact amount of CO2 our DAC systems capture is precisely metered and measured.


For each carbon removal credit we deliver, we provide a complete third-party verification report. 


The CO2 we capture is securely locked away for more than 1,000 years in deep saline aquifers via Class VI injection wells.

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We’ve developed a deeply modular, open architecture platform for direct air capture.

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News highlights

GlobeNewswire | March 27, 2024
Former FERC Chairman Neil Chatterjee joins board of CarbonCapture Inc.

Energy expert to help CarbonCapture secure clean, reliable, fully additional energy for large-scale direct air capture deployments.
Canary Media | March 14, 2024
CarbonCapture wants to take carbon removal down the cost curve

The aptly named startup just raised $80 million in private funding to try to prove out its “swappable” CO2-absorbing machines.
Reuters | March 12, 2024
US-based CarbonCapture raises $80 mln from Saudi Aramco, others

Los Angeles-based CarbonCapture, which aims to build machines that suck carbon dioxide out of the air to fight climate change, said it had raised $80 million from investors that include Saudi oil giant Saudi Aramco.
PR Newswire | March 12, 2024
CarbonCapture Inc. closes $80 million series A financing

The financing was led by Prime Movers Lab, a leading investor in breakthrough scientific startups. Joining them were new strategic investors, including Amazon's Climate Pledge Fund, Aramco Ventures, and Siemens Financial Services.
GlobeNewswire | December 4, 2023
CarbonCapture Inc. Promotes Dr. Saeb Besarati to Chief Technology Officer

As the newly appointed CTO, Saeb will now lead innovation across all of the company’s technology-related activities, including sorbent development, systems engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, and intellectual property development.
GlobeNewswire | November 16, 2023
Frontier Buyers Sign $20M Offtake Agreement with CarbonCapture Inc.

Frontier facilitates one of the largest carbon removal purchases to date on behalf of multiple buyers including Stripe, Alphabet, Shopify, Meta, JPMorgan Chase, and McKinsey Sustainability.
Amazon News | September 12, 2023
Amazon supports the world’s largest deployment of DAC technology to remove carbon from the atmosphere

Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund is making an investment in CarbonCapture Inc., a climate technology company recognized for its pioneering modular DAC systems.
Press release | September 12, 2023
Direct Air Capture Company CarbonCapture Inc. Announces Equity Investment from Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund

Companies to also collaborate on making 100,000 carbon removal credits available within Amazon and among its suppliers, selling partners, and customers.
Press release | August 22, 2023
CarbonCapture and Partners Selected for DOE Funding of $12.5M to Develop Regional DAC Hub in Wyoming

Team selected for funding to conduct engineering studies for a DAC carbon removal facility and SAF production plant in Southwest Wyoming.
Press release | June 21, 2023
BCG buys carbon removal credits from CarbonCapture

The 40,000-ton carbon removal agreement represents the second largest publicly announced global direct air capture (DAC) offtake deal by volume, and the largest in the professional services industry globally.
Press release | June 21, 2023
CarbonCapture Inc. Awarded as 2023 Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers are early-stage companies that are at the forefront of new technologies and innovation and are poised to have a significant impact on business and society.
The Verge | March 22, 2023
Microsoft inks another deal to capture and store its carbon emissions underground

Microsoft has a new purchase agreement with CarbonCapture, a startup building a huge carbon removal project in Wyoming.
Fast Company | September 12, 2022
Wyoming will soon be home to the world’s largest carbon removal facility

A new project aims to suck 5 million metric tons of CO2 a year out of the air by 2030
Reuters | September 8, 2022
New law helps U.S. firm launch Wyoming direct air carbon capture project

A Los Angeles-based company kicked off on Thursday what it said will be the first large-scale direct air capture (DAC) project to capture and store 5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year by 2030...
Press release | September 8, 2022
CarbonCapture Inc. Announces Five Megaton Direct Air Capture and Storage Project in Wyoming

Project Bison to be the first massively scalable deployment of DAC in the U.S. and the first to use Class VI wells for permanent CO2 storage

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