Decarbonize the atmosphere with
direct air capture technology.

Engineered carbon removal for a net zero future

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carbon removal credits


We create high-quality carbon removal credits by combining atmospheric carbon removal with permanent geological storage.

CO2 captured from air

Using zero emissions energy, our DAC machines employ solid sorbents in a cyclic process that efficiently filters CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Permanent CO2 storage

We store the capture CO2 in deep geological formations, permanently securing it from reentering the atmosphere.

High-quality carbon removal credits

The combination of DAC and permanent storage generates high-quality carbon removal credits.


Our DAC systems use precision meters to measure the exact amount of CO2 they capture. 


Our DAC CO2 meters can be audited by third parties in order to verify the amount of CO2 captured and stored.


According to an IPCC analysis, the CO2 sequestered in Class IV wells will remain locked away for more than 1,000 years.

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We’ve developed a deeply modular, open architecture platform for direct air capture.

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