CarbonCapture Inc. announces Project Bison: our five megaton direct air capture project in Wyoming


The first of its kind

Project Bison is leading a new era of large-scale atmospheric carbon removal projects.

First massively scalable deployment of DAC


Due to the modular architecture of our technology, the potential to develop extensive new renewable energy facilities (wind and solar) in the area, and the geologically scalable storage features of our site, Project Bison has no practical limits to scaling to megaton levels and beyond.

First to use Class VI wells for DAC CO2 storage ​

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We expect that Project Bison will be the first DAC carbon removal project to use Class VI injection wells for permanent carbon dioxide storage in deep saline aquifers (pending regulatory approval).  

Largest single DAC
project in the world


Project Bison starts small, but grows fast. By 2030, Project Bison is scheduled to have rolled-out five megatons of annual capture and storage capacity. At that point, we expect it will be the largest single atmospheric carbon removal project in the world. 

How Project Bison generates carbon removal credits

Project Bison generates carbon removal credits by capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and permanently storing it underground.

Project Bison uses CarbonCapture's low-cost, modular direct air capture (DAC) systems to filter CO2 out of the air. Frontier Carbon Solutions then gathers and injects that CO2 into deep saline aquifers via Class VI injection wells, a regulatory designation established by the EPA and managed by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

Once generated, Project Bison's carbon removal credits are sold to organizations with net zero goals who seek to offset their unavoidable emissions. 

Interested in purchasing DAC carbon removal credits generated by Project Bison?

Our commitment to Wyoming is built on the following pillars:


To have open, clear, and prompt communications with the community


To be a valued partner and employer to the community for decades to come


To ensure preservation of Wyoming's wildlife and natural beauty 

A phased approach to 5 megatons by 2030

Step by step to megatons and beyond.

Phase I

10,000 tons/year

GEN-1 technology
Phase II

200,000 tons/year

GEN-2 technology
Phase III

1 megaton/year

GEN-3 technology
Phase IV

5 megatons/year

GEN-4 technology

Why purchase our DAC carbon removal credits?

They're considered the gold standard for a reason. Four, actually.

They're fully additional

We only generate carbon removal credits because clients buy them. Without buyers, they wouldn't otherwise exist

It's not an estimate

The exact amount of CO2 our DAC systems capture is precisely metered and measured

We're an open book

For each carbon removal credit we deliver, we provide a complete third-party verification report 

It's buried forever

The CO2 we capture is securely locked away for more than 1,000 years in deep saline aquifers via Class VI injection wells

Featured clients



Saeb Besarati holds a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Thermal Mechanical Engineering. He has more than 10 years of experience in developing technologies to address climate change. Saeb is a certified model-based system engineer and project manager (PMP). He’s also contributed to more than 20 papers and books in the field of renewable-based power generation.



Peter has 20 years of experience developing and scaling products in the aerospace, commercial, and industrial sectors. For the past decade, Peter has specialized in Greentech power systems, working with notable players like eSolar, Heliogen, and Point Load Power. He’s skilled at evaluating product-market fit, leading cross functional teams to develop and commercialize products, and driving operational excellence throughout a value chain. Peter has a MS and BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC San Diego and UC Riverside, respectively.



Adrian has spent over 25 years developing and commercializing products in the cleantech industry. From 2013 to 2018, he was the CEO of Carbon Engineering, where he successfully developed the company into a recognized global leader in CO2 direct air capture, piloting industrial scale systems in under two years. In addition, Adrian has spent 15+ years commercializing industrial hydrogen, fuel cell, and pump technologies, serving as CEO of Rotoliptic Technologies, CTO of Plug Power, and CTO of Cellex Power Products. He holds a Master's of Science degree from the University of Victoria, BC Canada with specialization in Energy Systems, Cryogenics, and LNG.

Contact us to learn how carbon removal credits can help you achieve your net zero goals.

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CarbonCapture Inc. Announces Five Megaton Direct Air Capture and Storage Project in Wyoming

PRESS RELEASE | Project Bison to be the first massively scalable deployment of DAC in the U.S. and the first to use Class VI wells for permanent CO2 storage