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The first U.S. DAC system designed for mass production
Our multi-megaton carbon removal project in Wyoming leading in a new era of large-scale DAC projects in the U.S.


Join us in our mission to decarbonize the atmosphere


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We’re a diverse group with a singular cause.

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Our mission:

Our mission is to fight climate change by harnessing science, technology, and human ingenuity to decarbonize the atmosphere.

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How have we come so far so fast? Our secret is our incredibly hardworking and talented group of people and their dedication to the mission, and to one another.
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The next generation

We offer internship positions in different areas throughout the company. We’re looking for interns with specific technical skills, such as software engineering, materials science, and prototyping. If you are interested in building experience in climate tech, please send us your resume. We’ll get back to you if there’s a fit.
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New to DAC?

Want a crash course on DAC? Maybe Meghan can help... maybe.

Our Senior Director of Strategy & Projects Meghan Kenny answers some of the Internet’s most asked DAC questions.

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