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What we’re up to
The first U.S. DAC system designed for mass production
Our multi-megaton carbon removal project in Wyoming leading in a new era of large-scale DAC projects in the U.S.

Our technology

From lab to field, tested, proven, and deployed technologies

Modular DAC

Leo Series

The first U.S. DAC system designed for mass production

The Leo Series incorporates industry-leading, advanced structured sorbents that enable each module to capture over 500 tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide per year. Due to its open systems architecture, modules can be upgraded throughout their life with higher capacity sorbents as they are released, minimizing obsolescence risk and lowering operating costs over time.

Our capabilities

What’s under our hood.

We’re building a team and the capabilities to deliver end-to-end DAC projects from materials science to large-scale project development.

Materials science

We’ve built a fully-functional lab and team of materials scientists capable of lifetime and environmental testing as well as sorbent characterization and development.


Our fabrication and test teams, co-located with our HQ in Los Angeles, are able to rapidly prototype potential technology changes. This allows us to derisk before committing to manufacturing at any scale.


Our engineering team consists of multiple disciplines to bring projects to fruition: from systems to mechanical to structural to project engineering. Cross-disciplinary ways of working contribute to more robust designs and better projects.


Our manufacturing team in Mesa, Arizona, supplies DAC modules for both our carbon removal projects and third-party DAC initiatives worldwide. They also play a crucial role in our design-for-manufacturability team.


Let’s face civilization’s greatest challenge together.

Roughly 100 billion tons of CO₂ need to be removed from the atmosphere by 2100. Reaching that goal will require a massive effort by the global community. Below are the areas in which we’re actively seeking partners.


If you are developing a sorbent that's well-suited for DAC, let us know. With an open systems architecture, we may be able to provide a rapid path to evaluation, manufacturing, and commercial deployment. Note that our DAC hardware platform is designed to accommodate a wide range of low-temperature solid sorbents.

Project deployment

We’re currently seeking partners in the following areas: DAC deployment for atmospheric carbon removal, geological CO₂ storage, sustainable synthetic fuels, and low-carbon concrete. Contact us if you’re seeking a DAC partner to supply upgradeable commercial DAC systems that can start small and scale to megaton levels.

Project financing

Over the next decade, we will require a significant amount of capital as we deploy megatons of DAC capacity. We're seeking to develop relationships with forward-thinking project investors that share our mission to decarbonize the atmosphere.