Who we are

“We’re dedicated to addressing climate change head on by decarbonizing the atmosphere as quickly as possible.”

Adrian Corless, CEO

Why we're here

Our mission is to fight climate change by harnessing science, technology, and human ingenuity to decarbonize the atmosphere.


CarbonCapture is the brainchild of founder Bill Gross, a technology entrepreneur and founder of Idealab, a start-up incubator with a long track-record of creating groundbreaking companies. Most recently, two other sustainability-focused companies have emerged from this vision: Heliogen (HLGN) and Energy Vault (NRGV).

Our Values

We’re on a mission


We’re here to preserve the environment for future generations by leveraging science, technology, and human innovation to decarbonize the atmosphere. That shared mission is both a privilege and a responsibility that brings us together, shows us where we’re going, inspires our work, guides our decision making, and steadies us when the going gets rough.

We’re better together


We come together to fight climate change as a unified, extraordinary team. Because the effectiveness of the team is a priority, we believe in fostering a culture of togetherness by trusting in the good intent of our coworkers, going above and beyond to help each other out, and celebrating our wins. Further, we seek to maximize the opportunities for the kinds of shared experiences that lead to lasting personal bonds, with a focus on face-to-face interactions.

We care for each other


The well-being of each one of our team members is deeply important to us. As a core foundation, we provide a psychologically, physically, and intellectually safe workspace. Further, we believe in supporting the professional and personal growth of our associates by providing ongoing training, career development opportunities, leadership coaching, and the flexibility needed for each team member to optimize their work/life balance.

We’re clear & straight up


Because we respect and trust each other, we’re direct in our interpersonal communications. This means being honest with each other, whether it’s freely expressing our appreciation for a job well done or providing constructive feedback. It also means fostering the transparent flow of information across all levels and functions whenever possible.

We’re explorers


While our destination is clear, the exact path is not. Our mission calls for explorers: those who are insatiably curious, thirsty for knowledge, open to new ideas, and willing to challenge the status quo. Further, we believe in fostering the explorer’s spirit in each other by sharing what we know, viewing mistakes as opportunities for growth, accepting different perspectives, and encouraging our colleagues as we fearlessly venture across uncertain territory.