CarbonCapture Inc. issues RFI to identify strategic clean energy partners for the Wyoming Regional DAC Hub

CarbonCapture Inc. (CarbonCapture) is pleased to issue this Request for Information (RFI) to identify strategic clean energy partners with an interest in finding short- and long-term power generation and transmission solutions for the Wyoming Regional Direct Air Capture (DAC) Hub, one of the first DAC carbon removal projects in the U.S.

Advancing towards a low-carbon future is imperative and innovative solutions with a variety of stakeholders will be necessary to scale DAC and expedite the road to a lower-carbon future. DAC companies are emerging as a new type of energy customer with exponential clean energy power requirements, providing direct, quantifiable carbon reductions with unlimited deployment possibilities across the country over the next 30 years.

As part of the initial deployment, CarbonCapture seeks partners to meet the necessary energy requirements of 100 MW of clean power in southwest Wyoming by 2027, ramping up incremental procurement of generation and transmission as the project expands beyond a megaton scale through 2030. Beyond the initial deployment, CarbonCapture has flexibility in site locations due to our modular design and seeks to procure the most economical energy possible.

This RFI seeks responses from industry leaders with a pioneering mindset to think beyond the constrained energy markets of today to scale proven technical solutions for a lower-carbon economy.  We encourage interested parties to submit clean power projects and/or innovative energy solutions that help enable the development of a Wyoming DAC Hub and that can usher in a new era of large-scale atmospheric carbon removal projects in Wyoming.

CarbonCapture and a team of strategic partners were selected in August 2023 to negotiate $12.5 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to initiate the development of The Wyoming Regional DAC Hub. This RFI is tied to those activities.

Interested parties should respond promptly in order to execute our NDA and receive additional information. Final RFI responses should be submitted by 5:00 pm EDT on May 1, 2024. Energy advisor and strategic sourcing partner, NOVUS Energy Advisors, will lead initial vetting and may request information or schedule individual meetings with any respondent to gain additional information about the expression of interest. 

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