Patricia Loria Joins Carbon Capture Coalition Governance Board

We’re pleased to share that Patricia Loria, our Vice President of Business Development, has joined the Governance Board of the Carbon Capture Coalition, a nonpartisan organization focused on building federal policy to support the development of carbon management technologies, including direct air capture.

"We are happy to welcome Patricia Loria to the Governance Board of the Carbon Capture Coalition. With direct air capture becoming an important component of the broader carbon management sector, Patricia’s appointment reflects the evolution of the industry as well as the Coalition’s work,” said Jessie Stolark, executive director of the Carbon Capture Coalition. “Patricia's experience and leadership role at CarbonCapture Inc. will be helpful to Coalition staff and our nonpartisan membership of more than 100 companies, unions, and environment and conservation NGOs as we continue to advocate for federal policy support to enable economy-wide, commercial-scale deployment of carbon management technologies across the full value chain."

Patricia began working with the Carbon Capture Coalition during her time as a Senior Engagement lead at the Global CCS Institute in 2018. With first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities for the emerging direct air capture field, Patricia will look to the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and 2022 Inflation Reduction Act and how the Coalition can continue to support bipartisan cooperation on federal carbon removal funding and increased permitting. 

“Having worked in both Washington, DC and Wyoming, I’ve heard the different American perspectives on the role of oil and gas and technological innovation in the clean energy transition,” said Patricia Loria. “There’s been an incredible advancement in support from both the private and public sectors on carbon capture and direct air capture in just seven years; I believe we can only continue rapid progress if we work together and listen to all perspectives. The Carbon Capture Coalition has demonstrated over and over again their commitment to nonpartisan collaboration that brings industry, labor, environment, conservation advocates, and a broad range of interested parties together to determine how best to bring everyone along in the transition to a carbon-free future. I’m honored to have received this appointment and I look forward to getting to work with my colleagues across the country and across the political spectrum.”

Based in Washington, DC, Patricia received an MBA from Darden Business School and a master’s degree in Natural Resources from Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability. In addition to her expertise in carbon capture, she has experience in financial services, insurance, and NGO sectors.